Lourie Lectures

Lourie Lectures

The Lourie Center Continuing Education Program Offers In-Person Classes this March

*All courses are scheduled to be offered as in-person classes at the Lourie Center.

Did You Know? Early in 2021 the Lourie Center rebranded and re-launched its three-years-young continuing education program, emerging with a new name and image for the educational program. The Lourie Lectures (formerly the Midlands Lifelong Learning Program) continues to provide engaging educational presentations and discourse for adults over 50.  Taught by academics and content experts, topics explore the arts and humanities, science, culture and more.  Satisfy your thirst for learning through these weekly talks, presented by the Lourie Center, a 501(c)(3) organization….because learning never retires!                                                            





  • Lourie Center Full Fitness Members $10 per course
  • Lourie Center Associate Members $20 per course
  • Non-Members $30 per course

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The Lourie Lectures March 2022 Class Schedule

Tuesdays 11 am                                                         

March 1/8/15/22

Beneath the Surface-Geology of National and SC Parks

Discover the unique and special features that led to the preservation of U.S. lands for our national and state parks.  We will start at the Grand Canyon (some of its rocks are a billion years old!), explore Yellowstone with its geysers, hydrothermal features, and spectacular waterfalls, then move on to Grand Teton National Park, made up of some of the continent’s oldest rocks.  We will then return home to study what is beneath the surface here in South Carolina-from Table Rock State Park to Congaree National Park to the coast, we will look at the geologic features that make South Carolina special.

Instructor Gwen Geidel is Distinguished Research Professor Emerita in the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment at USC. She received her Geology PhD in 1982 and her JD in 1989 from USC.  She has taught a variety of environmental and geology courses, including Geology of National Parks.  Her research and legal interests revolve around environmental management of impacted lands.

Tuesdays 1 pm                                                            

March 1/8/15/22

Protecting Your Assets with the Lawyer Lisa team

Fact: Life and circumstances of aging are unpredictable! Gain some peace of mind from the experienced team at LawyerLisa, avoid legal complications in life by protecting your finances, properties, and legal assets.

  • Week One- Cautionary Tales with Attorney Lisa H. Brown, CELA* Certified Elder Law Attorney
  • Week Two-Estate Planning Strategies: What you need and why you need it, with Lane Cook, CFP* Certified Financial Planner.
  • Week Three-What happens to your stuff when you die?  What the law and your documents will determine, with Riley Adams, Attorney in real estate and probate law.
  • Week Four-Elder Care Coordinators and Life Care Planning:

A holistic approach to aging, with Attorney Lisa H. Brown &, Cassandra Ignatowicz, Elder Care Coordinator.

LawyerLisa, LLC focuses on real estate, estate planning, elder law, life care planning, special needs trusts, lease review and drafting, real estate loan closings, probate law, probate litigation and title insurance. Lawyer Lisa has offices in Columbia/Irmo, NE Columbia, Lexington, and Greenville.

Wednesdays 11 am                                   

March 2/9/16/23

SC Philharmonic: Front Row Sessions

Explore the development and expansion of the symphony orchestra and learn to identify the four musical eras, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Stylistic elements and performance practices of each era, along with composers’ influences on evolution of music and the symphony orchestra; and the role of the conductor. Surprise live musical performances by SC Philharmonic musicians are part of the class!

Language of Music: Terminology and fundamentals

Baroque and Beyond:  From Bach to Beethoven

Isn’t it Romantic? Exploring Romantic and Modern music

Conducting: How hard can it be?

Presented by Susan Cafferty and SC Philharmonic musicians. Cafferty is the Educational and Community Engagement Director at the SC Philharmonic and is a professional cellist. Cafferty earned a BA in Music and MA in Educational Leadership from the University of South Carolina. She is a National Board-certified teacher and has taught orchestra for 20 years and been active in church music for the 15 years directing choirs and hand bells.                                               

Wednesdays 1 pm                               

March 9/16/23/30

*NOTE: This course starts the second week of March

Art, Aesthetic, & Meaning: Communicating Concepts on the Human Condition

How does art matter to us?  Is it merely a pleasurable diversion or an attempt at a deeper understanding of life? Join us as we investigate how, over the course of time, the arts reflect sensory and aesthetic explorations and serve as expressions of the human experience.

Class topics include:

Expression & Representation

Art As Public Memory

Art, Race, Gender, & Culture

Dr. Frank C. Martin is an academic, an educator, a writer, and curator.  He serves as lecturer, director, and curator at South Carolina State University’s I. P. Stanback Museum & Planetarium.  Dr. Martin received a BA in History of Art, Philosophy-Aesthetics at Yale University, an MA at Hunter College, and Ph. D at the University of South Carolina.



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