The Lourie Lectures

The Lourie Lectures

The Lourie Center Rebrands Its Popular Continuing Education Program

Columbia, SC- The Lourie Center, in cooperation with Riggs Partners, has rebranded and re-launched its continuing education program.  The Lourie Center was selected as one of the recipients of the October 2020 Riggs Partners CreateAthon®, a 24-hour marketing marathon designed to deliver professional marketing services to nonprofit organizations.  From this event emerged a new name and image for the educational program; The Lourie Lectures replaces what was formerly the Midlands Lifelong Learning Program and will offer a series of courses (currently online) in March and April 2021.

The Lourie Lectures provide engaging discourse for adults over 50. Taught by academics and content experts, topics explore the arts and humanities, science, culture and more. Satisfy your thirst for learning through these weekly talks, presented by the Lourie Center, a 501(c)(3) organization.                                                                 

The Lourie Lectures Spring Schedule





ONLINE-ZOOM COURSE: Building Columbia: Architecture from 1786 to Today

Tuesdays 11am- 12 pm

April 6, 13, 20, 27

South Carolina’s capital city features a conglomerate of building forms and aesthetics reflecting a wide range of design trends and construction methodologies. As the first planned city in the United States, Columbia has experienced an architectural evolution involving both unique and formulaic responses to each generation’s needs and tastes. Explore four centuries of Columbia as we take a deep dive into buildings present and long-gone, each of which have played their own role in shaping what we know as Columbia in 2021. Participants will learn of the forces that shaped (and sacked) the capital city’s built environment from 1786 to the present. We will explore the role that historic preservation has played in retaining tangible links to our past while providing unique venues suitable for contemporary demands. Simultaneously you will learn the nomenclature behind the structure. Curious about the difference between a muntin and a mullion? Come and find out that answer and many more to the questions you may have about the buildings you encounter.

Instructor John Sherrer is Director of Cultural Resources at Historic Columbia, overseeing the administration of the organization’s museums, horticultural, facilities, and research departments, sharing historic preservation advocacy responsibilities with the executive director.


ONLINE-ZOOM COURSE: “Stories of Struggle”: The Redemptive Qualities of Stories

Wednesdays at 11 am – 12 pm

April 7, 14, 21, 28

Journalist Claudia Smith Brinson spent two decades interviewing black activists and searching archives before writing “Stories of Struggle: The Clash Over Civil Rights in South Carolina.” We will examine the extraordinary suffering inflicted on the Clarendon County petitioners of Briggs v. Elliott and the courage they summoned to persist for decades in their quest for what they called “Equal Everything.” Briggs v. Elliott was the first of five lawsuits composing Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 and 1955 US Supreme Court decisions that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. In our last class, we will explore whether facts, documentation, and first-person accounts can transform our world view and thus our behavior.

Instructor Claudia Smith Brinson, an award-winning author and newspaper journalist in South Carolina for more than thirty years, also taught writing at the University of South Carolina and directed the Writing for Print and Digital Media major at Columbia College. Her book “Stories of Struggle: The Clash Over Civil Rights in South Carolina”, chronicles twenty years of racial struggle and progress in South Carolina, through extensive research and interviews with over 150 civil rights activists.


Cancer Literacy: Evidence-Based Choices

***NOTE: This course will be held as both an in-person AND Zoom class, whichever is your personal preference.

Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 pm

April 7, 14, 21, 28

“Cancer” is a diagnosis that strikes fear and uncertainty in patients and their families. Advances in cancer treatment are occurring at a rapid pace and costs for new therapies are high. The course highlights new cancer treatments and the evidence that patients and their healthcare providers use to weigh the choices for cancer care.

Instructor Dr. Sondra Berger is Emeritus Professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. With a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Dr. Berger led research for more than 30 years to understand how cancer drugs work.


Fees, Per Four-Week Class

  • Full Members of Lourie Center $10
  • Associate Members of Lourie Center $20
  • Non-Members $30

Registration and payment can be made at the center or online.


Bring a friend for FREE!

As a special promotion for the re-launch of this program, The Lourie Lectures is offering a Free Guest Pass to everyone who registers and pays online during the months of January-March. Simply enter the name and email address of the friend to be included and they will be invited to attend that course as your guest.

They will be added to the list of class participants and sent log-in information via email.