Health and Safety Protocols

As we welcome you back to the center this June, we want to inform you about our new health and safety guidelines in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The safety of our members, instructors, and staff is top priority.  In order to provide a healthy environment, we have closely monitored state and local requirements and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Our team is working to provide you with a familiar Lourie Center experience. However, some things will be different, including added cleaning regimens, more safety precautions, and limited building hours. Some of these changes may be temporary, and some may stay in place long term. At the moment, distancing measures may restrict outside organizations from meeting at the center.

We Can’t Wait to See You Back at the Lourie Center! 

The following health and safety guidelines are what you can expect when you visit the center.

  1. Masks (covering nose and mouth) are encouraged while in the building, including the equipment rooms and classes. Shields are also acceptable.
  2. All members/instructors/volunteers must sign an updated waiver form to participate in programs (at the front desk or submit yours online HERE).
  3. Upon entering the lobby, each visitor is required to check-in at the front desk, and utilize the hand sanitizer station.
  4. Mask requirements in classrooms are determined by the individual class instructors.
  5. Clearly marked distancing procedures. Floor markers in hallways and on activity room floors will guide visitors for one-way traffic flow and proper distancing. After class, visitors exit the building through the side doors. *Exceptions to the exit process for disabled visitors, exit through the lobby or main hall/fire lane exit doors.
  6. Occupied rooms will be ventilated with electric fans facing out, toward an open door.
  7. One purse/tote bag per person. Bring a water bottle.
  8. Personal Yoga mats ARE allowed to be brought in.
  9. Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas and equipment. Mats, weights, and chairs are disinfected by staff daily. Each member using the cardio or strength room gym equipment will wipe the handles with sanitizer before and after using.
  10. If weights or exercise equipment are used, visitors are encouraged to bring and wear gloves.
  11. Class sizes are limited by physical/social distancing, first come, first serve. Staff will monitor class attendance and close any classes which have reached capacity.
  12. Classroom designation is dependent upon the type of activity:
  • Classes using mats (Yoga, Pilates) meet in rooms DEF, with 6 ft. spacing between mats. (capacity 15)
  • Classes for aerobic exercises, tai chi, and/or using chairs meet in the Large Ballroom, with 8 ft. spacing between chairs. (capacity 12- 24)
  • Programs (lectures, art) and meetings meet in rooms ABC, with 6 ft. spacing between chairs. (capacity for recreational activities 15, lecture-style seating capacity-30)

Check back with any questions. We thank you for your patience and continued support as we all adapt to these challenges together.