Dear Lourie Center Members and Friends:

Whatever your connection is to the Lourie Center, be it a member, friend, donor, or volunteer, you recognize how important staying physically and mentally active is to our health and well-being. And after some of the most troublesome times we have recently experienced it has become even more important to focus on the health and wellness of our community.  Here at the Lourie Center, we have always been an advocate for the well-being of seniors and will continue to be with your help.

Our financial resources are becoming more and more exhausted, and we need your help to continue our mission of keeping mature adults physically fit, socially engaged, intellectually stimulated, and independent.  We are asking you to make an investment in your community by donating to the Lourie Center.  Your donation will help seniors remain connected to the community and allow them to engage in social interaction through programs such as Tai Chi, Zumba, cardio and strength training exercises, painting, and a variety of educational lectures.

Because we are a 501C3, your tax-deductible donation will provide resources for our seniors in the upcoming year and is an investment for future generations of mature adults. To make your giving easier, we have enclosed a donation card and envelope; please give as generously as you are able. Every gift is very vital to ensure the needs of our seniors are met and they are tremendously appreciated.

We are thankful for all of your support and wish for you and your loved ones a lovely holiday season and a healthy, prosperous New Year.

Sandra K. Owensby
Executive Director

The Lourie Center’s mission is to provide opportunities for adults over 50 to remain physically fit, socially engaged, intellectually stimulated and independent.

The Senator Isadore E. Lourie Center is a 501c3 nonprofit registered with SC Secretary of State.