Lourie Lectures Steering Committee

The Lourie Lectures provide engaging discourse for adults over 50. Taught by academics and content experts, topics explore the arts and humanities, science, culture, and more.  Satisfy your thirst for learning through these weekly and bi-weekly talks, presented by the Lourie Center.




Steering Committee Members

Sondra Berger
Sondra Berger has a passion for education, serving as substitute teacher in K-12 during college, collegiate instructor during graduate school, and professor. She is Emeritus Professor, College of Pharmacy, UofSC and Chair, Board of Directors, Lourie Center.

Karen Brown

Ann Cameron
Ann Cameron recently retired from a 35-year career at the University of South Carolina where she served as the Executive Director of External Relations for the College of Arts and Sciences. A native of Columbia, she has a deep passion for learning and adult education.

Jan Collins
Jan Collins is a freelance journalist, columnist, and author. She is a former Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and was a Congressional Fellow in Washington, D.C. From 1998 until 2009, Jan was the co-author of a nationally syndicated newspaper column on retirement and aging entitled “Next Steps”. She is also the co-author of “Next Steps: A Practical Guide to Planning for the Best Half of Your Life” (Fresno, California: Quill Driver Books, 2009).

Van Edwards
Retired attorney
“In my career I negotiated contracts all over the world. I found that the more I knew about the history and culture of the place I was negotiating, the better I did professionally plus I enjoyed the experience of being there so much more. I truly believe that ‘Learning doesn’t retire’–there is so much to savor in life and I want to appreciate it all as much as I can.”

Paula Dornbusch Gordon
Retired educator
Paula believes that one’s zest for education stems from a mind open to the love of knowledge and the joy of learning.

Sandy Olson
Retired senior living marketing professional
Sandra has a passion for life-long learning and realizes from many years of experience in senior living what a life-changing impact life-long learning can have on quality of life for older adults.

Sandra Poliakoff
MA, CRC. Counseling Psychologist with Dept of Veterans Affairs(ret) and currently contractor for Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Former school board member, Richland School District Two.
“I am involved in lifelong learning to stimulate minds and foster social interaction, both so important factors as we age.”

Linda Salane