Midlands Gives is Coming!

The Lourie Center will once again be participating in Midlands Gives. It will take place online on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, from 12:00 am to 11:59:59pm. Midlands Gives is a 24-hour online giving event that brings the region together as one community, raising money and awareness for several hundred participating local nonprofits in 11 Midlands counties. It’s our day to celebrate the philanthropists in our community and support the work of local nonprofits. Our 2018 goal is $8000. has an online giving platform with searchable profiles of participating nonprofits. All donations (except the match donation) will be processed through this website, which allows nonprofits and donors to track the giving on May 1st via the site’s leader boards. Social media plays a HUGE part in this campaign. In additional to being a fundraiser, Midlands Gives is also an awareness-builder for nonprofit organizations like the Lourie Center.

Here is What You Can Do to Help:

  1. If you are on Facebook, go to the Lourie Center page and Like our page. Invite your friends to like our page.
  2. If you are on twitter, go to our twitter page.
  3. Make a contribution towards our match. The match will be an incentive tool for the community of donors on May 1. The minimum amount for a match is $1,000, so we are combining donations to achieve or exceed $1000. The Lourie Center is now collecting match donations for Midlands Gives. Our deadline for receiving your check or Paypal payment is Friday April 20, 2 pm.  Make the check payable directly to the Lourie Center.
  4. Extend your influence and raise more with a Champion Page. See below for details. Get it submitted and approved ASAP so you can start spreading the word. Scheduled giving starts today, April 17.
  5. On or before May 1, email friends and family the link to the Lourie Center Midlands Gives page with a note asking them to donate. The minimum donation is just $20.
  6. Share this same info on Facebook and twitter; tag the center in these posts.
  7. Sign up for a couple of hours on May 1. We will have an online giving station in the Lourie Center computer lab between 9 am and 5 pm.  We will have light refreshments available and individuals to assist donors with questions.
  8. Represent the Lourie Center at the SC State Museum Midlands Gives Headquarters, a central location for the community to celebrate giving on May 1st. Nonprofits and community members are invited to come to headquarters on giving day to cheer during local television broadcasts.
    4:30 AM to 9:00 AM  Cheer on Live Television
    12:00 PM to 12:30 PM  Cheer on Live Television
    4:00 PM to 7:30 PM  Cheer on Live Television
    10:00 PM to 11:35 PM  Cheer on Live Television

We have had great support for Midlands Gives in past years from our board, instructors, and members, and enthusiasm is growing. How many times do you see the Lourie Center represented in this 2017 Midlands Gives Video?

Thank you for being a part of this important fundraising campaign.  We appreciate all that you do for the Lourie Center.

Sandra K. Owensby
Executive Director
The Senator Isadore E. Lourie Center is a 501c3 nonprofit registered with SC Secretary of State.