Lifelong Learning Program

Lifelong Learning Program

The Lourie Center is offering the pilot course in its new Lifelong Learning Program of the Midlands, a community education program for adults 50 years of age and older.

This initial course “Personalized Medicine: What, Why, How?” will meet Thursdays, April 5- April 26, 1 pm-1:50 pm at the Lourie Center.  The class will explore medicine and our genetic make-up. The goal of personalized medicine is to improve the health of people by using their genetic make-up to assist physicians in making recommendations for their treatment and diet. Personalized medicine is the medicine of the future and is expected to not only improve our well-being but also to reduce our costs of maintaining good health.

Instructor Dr. Sondra Berger, retired USC Professor and board member at the Lourie Center, will cover three key components:
• What is personalized medicine and how does it differ from the traditional practices of medicine?
• Why is personalized medicine positioned to make an important contribution to the future health of all people?
• How are the goals of personalized medicine achieved?

Registration deadline is Wednesday April 4 or until the class is full, maximum 50.

Register here!
The deadline for registration was April 4, 2018.  Please call the front desk of the Lourie Center for information at 803-779-1971.